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Good Afternoon everyone I’m Vedric 💙I am so happy you guys got something out of the discussion! ☺️Yes the food industry infinite people have to eat but the question will they want what you are serving up that’s where the research and number come in! 😀💙 Before God when I was in college the professors none of them owned a business “that I can remember” and that also struck me as odd! I was in one class I was really offended as someone said slavery was a vital part of Anericas economy I responded then you should go pick some cotton! Lol so some classes better than others but I got through all of them just fine but in school it was electronics I was interested in as that’s what I was doing at age 24-31 but in 2010 I started to look at different industries and got really interested in fast food and food before God 2010 I have been studying for the last 6 years I have the whole concept down even the savory food which I am working on the structure and menu but I am all the way in it its so much than just money but it’s something my heart wants will not settle for less if you responsibly grow any business the result is the same! We limit ourselves but that’s not happening, I am ultra excited about people tasting both their food and dessert crushes and falling in love with the menu as a whole! 😀 Unfortunately I want be able to frame my first dollar as they do in the food industry it was not by hand as someone paid with an American Express lol but I am loving the experience! Thank you guys for the law school words yes Business law!😀💜 I can take 3 classes per term which is not a lot! God is good no time to waste time waits on no one so excited I fill you guys in on more just like the concept of @shut up and do” which is what I’m doing love you all thanks for the support cannot wait for America to taste the food! Will do a catalog for the sweets but have big plans for the savory line as well! Rick I am so happy you like that system it’s not mine! But as 19 yr old I was subject to it as I worked within it! Some jobs were never structures to be a living but the structure is to bring young people in for cheap to make them thrive also look into family dollars a discount store their people make $6-10 dollars an hour AGAIN it’s not meant to be a career family dollars is with $10,000,000,000 dollars “billion” I have no desire to get into the discount store industry no but I studied a lot if structure! That’s all!🙃 The structure is hire kids who want spending mine and to a “T”! I will follow that system fiercely, to the letter!😊 Because what we must realize if we did not create the rules of the game we have no right to tweak them MCdonalds sells $1 burgers and have made over $100,000,000,000 Billion dollars if you and I have not even made our first billion we have no right to change the rules but we need to simply follow directions!😀💜 Part of being a great leader is listening, learning, and following directions! When we make our first $1,000,000,000 “billion” then we can look at tweaking the rules until then we have not earned that right unless God gives you a divine idea😀 Thanks guys




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  • Good evening everyone I’m Vedric I hope you guys are great! Thank you all so much for your kind words! To Rick Redfern thank you for your kind comments you said you have an interest in the food business to what made me decide to get into food! Before God the cost and the numbers! It’s a lesson I carried with me since 19 yrs old not food but knowing I wanted a business! Before God I was 19 working in an art store getting paid $5.75 an hour I was less than 6 months out of high school I was 18 and 19 in 2001 my last year of school I turned 19 that November 6, I working in Michaels art and crafts I HATED it lol it was so boring like watching paint peel but I was a cashier I kept track of everything I rung up as someone who was interested in business during the Christmas holidays the store was always crowded one day I rung up about $2800 in sales the next day about $2200 here I am making $5.75   per hour 😡😡😡😡 although I just rung up $5000 in two days! I have always loved business BUT that reinforced It!🙃 I always want to be on THAT side of the equation that simple formula is all MCDONALDS is please find some of the lectures on McDonald’s and read a biography about Ray Kroc he gives the formula for  Mcdolands phone map success it is as follows hire a bunch of teenagers who basically want some pocket money NOT A CAREER to run it! That’s all it is sure their iconic burger and fries are important BUT THEIR SYSTEM WAY MORE IMPORTANT! 💜 Because the idea is not to pay a lot of benefits and such but hire odd who want spending money and in a few months or a year they will quit and hire more they will make burgers and fries for $5.75 an hour and in a day your MCdonslds will make above $25,000 MORE in cities like Los Angles about $68,000 on a great and and New York about $59,000 on s great day! See I was under that system as a kid that wanted some money for an idea so I worked! At a few jobs actually some paid $8 bucks but the same system! That’s why places like MCdonalds thrive they are not meant to be a sustainable career although some people choose to stay they are meant to put a carrot in front of people’s faces paying them just enough to come back next week! Companies NEED their workers the equation falls a part without them. I love the fact that no matter who says this or that who lies Money does not lie and numbers don’t either they are what they are!😀 The fast food industry is hundreds of billions of dollars if we make a great product and advertise it correctly and get it in front of on a national scale consumers and franchise it where we have an established name and people pay me a fee to use my brand and my food company plus I get a chunk of their gross domestic and forigen sales my friend that is a diamond mine that will never be depleted! That’s why I am in the food business now numbers do not lie and I am no different from them I know what I am doing advertise correctly and the bigger we get invest more into brand awareness I want it to exploded and be on all 7 continents just like Kfc, Micky D’s, Taco Bell and so forth! Let me ask you if we know the numbers and the cost and come up with a winning menus people like how are we any different? If anyone can go work on one side of the equation what stops them from at some point changing sides? Nothing but them and a few jealous lousy people! We are no different if we know the system and work it we are the same money is green and if you fill a need it will find its way to you my brand will make billions By God as I know the system and I will not stop building and marketing it and improving the menu and let people franchise it until my cup runneth over! 😀🍷💜⭐️💯🌟🍰💖

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Good Afternoon everyone I’m Vedric, :0) I hope you all are great! Have a great day! :0)

I did this from inspiration and imagination so i’m returning to things like this the churches lol love them fun to draw BUT I need to go back to my original voice and that’s this illustration type things :0) and I missed it i cannot wait to do the figures scenes and the architecture  it take way more time and imagination but its well worth it  to speak/paint in my original voice!

My 6th painting in my life age 21 :0) Notice everything is red, white and blue lol i was so afraid to try color i got over that fear, lol the collage on the main screen uses every color i studied combos of colors and what looks great together i can incorporate them in my illustrations

Alabaster Box

Desserts catalog and savory food! :0)

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Good morning i’m Vedric :0) i hope you all are great so many question s about the snack cake line i have some news i still am waiting on something but i did just get this and was asked to sign and return! :0) i have not filled it out just got it so there is no personal information on it yet it will be today though! :0) also i apologize this is the last thing i can share like this God willing i cannot wait for people to taste m,y snack cake line. 

As far as college this fall God willing i think i am going to law school for business i think it will be a great edition to my business background. before Jesus :0) 


This is a “Confidentiality agreement i can show you ONLY this part but not the rest its illegal i have to sign and return this! :0) 

please continue to agree with me as i pursue after more stores to carry my snack cake line “Delectable Crushes” snack cakes, 

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The Pokemon Review

Good evening in Vedric I hope you all are great!💜 Ok here is the review from an expert I ask two things please keep an open mind and please do your own research! This man was a satanist he was deep in witch craft generational someone was into it and it came upon him as well eventhough he was adopted! There is something spiritual about the bloodline in a family! He was really deep in then God delivered him the devil started coming after him would see him in dreams! He has some insight on Pokemon and other things that appear as “just cartoons” when my brother was 16 he I was 25 he asked  me before God he asked me for Pokemon games I bought them for him his Nintendo Ds that handheld had just come out and he wanted the game and games for it I bought it I saw no harm in it until I saw this! Right after I gave him the games I saw this! and I continued to dig please follow this link and watch the videos! It’s important 24 hr turn around! There are 16 videos each are short but this is a former pagan explaining  this! “Pokemon meaning “poker monster” out of Japan is a modeled after a demon! People may chuckle at that and that’s fine please say Lird give me insight as I just said I had no idea at first! Thank you all please watch! Have a great day

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Good morning i’m Vedric I hope everyone is great :0) Thank you all so much for your feedback I have not yet heard back from the distributor as the products will be delivered this weekend! lol really but i appreciate you all excited but not going to lie a little nervousness trying to stay in a complete positive mode! :0) THIS IS A MAJOR STEP IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION! :0)

Please agree with me in Jesus name if you have something positive to say if not no thanks don’t receive any negative! none whatsoever I will be in later on today so we can get to our review I appreciate you all!

Have an excellent day! :0)

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Good afternoon I’m Vedric :0) I hope you guys are great thank you all for your understanding and your happiness over the lie detector lol yes let’s put any lie out in the open and likewise where it will be destroyed, no where else to hide!Thank you guys for saying you will not write me about it, I have no respect for him so i dont want to engage in a conversation about this person because have  absolutely nothing nice to say so in that regard i will put that in Gods hands leave that for the test! :0)

I hear you all thank you for your understanding :0)

Pokemon got so many questions ok here’s what we will do have a “video review” which is  we spoke about this 5 years ago it’s been a while so we will watch an expert on the subject post the discussion and have the narration this weekend! I can’t believe you guys believe that! :0) Yeah it’s been a while but I hear you all so we will definitely take a closer look at this, and no I have not downloaded pokemon go that’s not for me! before God I am not certain exactly what the game is but we have extensive research on pokemon! Will post Tonight thank you all for your patience!


As far as the snack cakes thanks guys before Jesus at the last minute I did completely change the recipe on these Yeah I know! but there are so many things in convince store wanted the to have a twist! :0) BEFORE JESUS DID A TASTE TEST AND EVERYONE LIKED THEM SO WHEW!!! :0) “PEANUT BUTTER, FUDGE AND BLUE VELVET REALLY Challenging TO WORKOUT SO THANK JESUS

They are blue Velvet truffle brownies with peanut butter fudge chocolate! :0) BEFORE GOD WENT BACK AND FORTH AND DID CHANGE IT! :0)and the flavors finally flowed well together :0)

Blue Velvet Truffle Brownie suggested retail $2.49 but my price point $1.99 a piece

They are off to the Distributor the first one before Jesus right hand before God if you guys have POSITIVE prayers only please agree with me this is for 7/11 and they also work with mom and pops which is great but heart is set on 7/11 but all opportunity is fine grateful for any door, but heart is working toward 7/11 and as many as I can get! in the end sent 8 snack cakes not 20 as they are totally unique like this one! :0)