Good Morning! A Candid Discussion

Good Morning everyone I’m Vedric Jordan :0) Please listen a candid discussion

She is beautiful this is the picture I was sent this morning by a girl from facebook that was not anonymous but she did not want her name out she was in confusion about this pic so she wrote me a message snakes jealously got the best of it last night :0) there were things said about her skin from a foll that is black its seld and not just that but actually has browner skin.

Good Evening Discussion 2 :0)

Good Evening I’m Vedric :0)

Whwn i was a little girl i loveeeed this cartoon!:0) Why is the queen big and the king little??????????????

Brand New Heavies GREAT SONG, English Jazz Band liked them since 10th or 11th grade! :0)                 

Pinocchio 70th Anniversary Platinum Edition – Be A Real Boy One of my favorites

Princess and the frog! I really like this cartoon Disney’s first black princess! :0)

The discussion continued

This is one from high school oddest video i have ever seen but when i was in art in school it was popular!