Update! Good Afternoon Let’s Go! :0)

4:49 PM

Hi guys Vedric Jordan here! :0)

YESSSSSSS FUELLL LOL :0) that would be my idea! That’s what i would absolutely do, Delectable Crushes is a start with the right set of kids that have a little bit chemist experience we can make bold new lucrative discoveries! :0) You guys said you loved the example with the chemical compound breaking down when air and light hit it, many of you said you have listened to the recording several times that’s pretty great I am happy to share that with you all once you discover the formula patent it first with the USPTO and then all offices of intellectual property worldwide. each time the substance is used ” synthetic gas” we get a check! ” me and my team of chemist” something else i would love to do. Make a non fossil fuel that can trick a gas engine and run smoothly! HAHAHA that’s why God gives you billion ideas to fund more! :0)

BRAD PITT, BRAD PITT LOL YEAH HAHAH that before God is my kid crush when i was coming up the boy bands never worked for meĀ  lol but him he is gorgeous! You guys asked I look forward to dating nobody i currently know before God no, but meeting new guys if they just so happen to look like him, or Boris and the attitude was on point believe in Jesus that would be a grand slam! HAHAH HAPPY TO WORK HAIR FLAWLESS MAKEUP FLAWLESS JUST GOD IS GREAT SO AWESOME, EXCITED ABOUT THIS PART OF MY LIFE FINALLY HERE! :0) PLEASE CHECK BACK AND THANKS GUYS FOR THE LOVE :0)

Good Afternoon I’m Vedric Jordan :0)

I have nothing but love for you guys let’s go! thank you all so much for that support it means the world to this girl!

Brad Pitt Was my #1 Can’t even lie

Second from childhood Boris Kojoe