Good Afternoon! Star Spangled Rasicm

12:00 PM Im here guys at noon hope you are well a few more minutes! :0)

9:36 Am

Hi guys Vedric Jordan  :0) 

Mad comments about what i said last night about ignoring ducks I have to watch my tone up here its really silliness! Also a question from a Randy E. you asked what were my black and white movie star crushes from my teenage years? Now going into acting who will you let date you? as a white man i would love to know what type guys you find attractive if possible show pictures so i can know what i’m up against!

Lol you are sooo darn cute for that before God!!! :0)  this is an easy one as i was a teen over 14 years ago i will be 35 in 1 month and I look 20 years old! GOD IS GOOD! :0) Let me have my food this morning after this workout and i will be in by 12:00 pm lol DON’T CRITICIZE MY CHOICES BEFORE JESUS I’M GOING TO BE TOTALLY REAL ABOUT WHO I PICK AS MY CRUSHES FRO MY TEENAGE YEARS :0) OOOOOH YAOU ALL LOL PLEASE CHECK BACK! :0)

7:26 AM Good morning I’m Vedric Jordan 💯😍💜☺️ HAHA THANK YOU FORBTHE WELL Wishes with SBA Bank appointments YAAAY CHEESED UP! 💯😍🚎💜 To Nathan Carlyle lol you are SOOO sweet you said ignore green eggs and duck lol like Dr. Susse Green eggs and ham those eggs really are green their dead, like it’s womb that’s fried just like that throat! 💯🔥

Constantly Fishing for hepatitis not me wishing foolishness like this fool but by its own actions the equivalent of sucking sweat from men’s jockstraps! 😳that breath smelling like death, hell and head, the breath of a chicken head!🐔 🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔

Until you see somethings out here you really would never believe they exist the hepitits head sucking crack head duck! Side show attraction! What a joke! 😆 I want a positive day you had a fool going on and on yesterday I ignored spam all day just thankful to God about Garrett and Linda just happy    ! I want to be thankful to God and show my thankfulness! Despite what going on to the left or right will get this flesh under control! 💯💜

That’s why don’t be afraid to say God has been good in front of fools moves or not THEY GOING TO TALK ANYWAY LOL LET THEM AND GO GET PAID! DELECTABLE CRUSHES!!!!!!!! 🤓😍😀👑

God is great he was so understanding he instantly changed the appointment understood as he said that was crazy how 1 appointment was alone and the other 6 around the 10th of October!  said he just wanted to talk about my plan loved it offered funding! 😍🚎 You guys with Hugh Hefiner Geeeeez 😜 I’m a lady I was not a collector of Hugh’s products lol but I feel for you all like the guy hit his workout! OHHHH CARDIO 😜 Have an excellent day! 😍💜       11:28 PM YESSSSS SYNTHETIC FUEL GAS/OIL IS THE NEXT FROMTIER LIKE THE GOLD RUSH ALL IVER AGAIN IM GOIN TO BE IN ON THAT ! 🤓💯😍😍 God forgive me……….. Alright you all asked why didn’t I respond to the spam? Lol I’m not offended is why if there is an insult they need merit! A head degree is not merit the spam was foolishness about me asking to have my appointment moved around the 10th with the others to save money! Darn right and a bank except said yes! Offered to fund my idea so to me that was a succeful day yesterday ! I’ve had a business before but I’m restating that saving money I’m not ashamed! You have a daffey duck that sucks and licks wood, drinking musk shakes daily so afraid its a failed head job away from being homeless! 💯🔥From Atlanta to Jersey sucking wood back and forth running up on men with its tounge out asking for a French kiss with  milkshake dripping from its lips! I don’t care who says what about me needing a business loan said I’m asking the bank for help so did Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs! No bank would ever give crackhead daffey money the guy or lady would ask what business have you ran can I see some proof, what school did you graduate from! With a big duck daffey says the “university of head” it proudly says it graduated with a masters the title of ” head specialist” ! If daffey can’t get a loan it would strip off its clothes and get on its knees and say “who’s next”? There she goes again working that quack duck tounge like a credit card! ! You have to beg someone for 3 weeks to go and service them its skills are slipping it NEEDs to be  retrained go on back to the locker ion with the high school football players so you can get your skill set recertification! head, to head, to head, to head, 4-8blood types of Sperm swirling like a mixed cocktail in its throat! no wonder daffey burns and sets wood on fire! My answer to spam I feel bad to God look at what he’s doing fools will talk let them I’m flying back and forth to find work with no apologies! The best way to break a cycle is to break the cycles routine I make no apologies for normal flights now I have “NO”  kids to look after just myself and I want it all watch me get it with my head up, legs closed and standing up! 💯😍 Hi guys Vedric Jordan 💯😍 Spam dear Lord Jesus I am gradual for what you have done for me I promise to watch my behavior! Anen Lol it’s hard not to deep fry duck haha but I have to honor God he is more and better than I deserve! As  far as creating new fuel is concerned YES!!!!!! 😍🤓 500,000,000,0000 Billion displays does not begin to scratch the surface! Like all elements gas can be broken down by compounds you have to figure out what to mix that will act as “synthetic” gas test it out in cars and truck when you have something viable sell it if its worth it’s marbles “proving it works” you $5,000,000,000,000 TRILLION  but you have crack the combination of gas! Rothschild I hope I spelled his name right his fortunes “ARE PARTLY FOR OIL” 😳😳 Seriously! Synethic fuel is the next frontier becuse no matter what the world will always need gas/fuel “BUT THE TYPE OF FUEL IS UP TO WHAT IS DISCOVERED” Right 🤓💯 You hit the stock market floor with you would make about 6 million dollars per second! 😳😳 Look at Marl founder of Facebook he started with no money now he has 68,000,000,000 billion “IT IN YOUR IDEAS” AND WHO NEEDS THEM! EVERYONE NEEDS FUEL 🤓💯💡 Fun talking all yhis with you’d still researching please check back! 💯😍   5:23 PM😍💜💯 Hi guys lol thank you again Apple is $500,000,000,000 Billion dollars ahhaha i wish its possible though may path would be the right creation if we got a team together and made an alternative to fossil fuels like oil/gasoline we could nail overnight “NEW GAS ALTERNATIVE FOUND” it would kill dependency on third world country oil and fuel. 98% of the world relies on oil and gas ! :0) If we can make substance that burns like gasoline we would be billionairs overnight this hits wallstreet with an ipo you have 30 billion in maybe 5 seconds Exxon mobile oil which is the biggest oil company in the world the USA oil and gas commission the US Government would have their hands deep in that endless well! 30 billion in seconds since i was a kid another idea ive had need a good imagination and God’s blessing for that one! :0) Will be in still typing lol love you guys thank for all that just wow i appreciate you all!   4:03 PM Good Day Guys I’m Vedric Jordan :0) Will post the teaching after 5:00 PM Today the NFL National controversy we shall call it!


Hi guys more business loveeeee lol thank you, that’s why never be afaid to try from the SBA PITCHING A PLAN 7 BANK INTERVIEWS FOR A BUSINESS LOAN!  ONE OFFER FOR FUNDING AFTER A 25 MINUTE PHONE TALK ABOUT MY…………. DELECTABLE CRUSHES :0) Thank God i was question about the branding colors of pink and brown lol like the idea it just hi me and i cannot explain them away! Have I heard back from Linda since the uncommon news lol honesty, no! I’m sure if I have any questions I can contact her i have her direct number as she got me the interviews by God!   You guys say this is the next APPLE LOL HAHA THANK YOU BUT THE CATEGORY OF FOOD IS A BIT DIFFERENT AS ELECTRONICS GROSS SO MUCH MORE MONEY I TOLD YOU GUYS ABOUT! MY WEBSITE IDEA THAT’S MORE TECHNOLOGICAL IT’S A MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR CONCEPT ABOUT $8,000,000,000 AFTER AN IPO AFTER 10 YEARS ATLEAST $36,000,000,000 IT SHAKES UP THAT WHOLE INDUSTRY!


You guys asked to see my money structure model. The Loan officer Garrett has a copy of it as well! :0) He offered funding but i will read everything….

back in 2005 i got a publishing contract for my artwork the contract was deceptive and coded words they wanted to give me 15% of all publishing “from my artwork” and they wanted 85% I was 22 years old needless to say I walked away from that so called deal! and started Lightway Products! :0)

“What’s Your Delectable Crush”  :0) YAAAAAAAAAAY There will also be catering in edition to food trucks!    To Break $100,000,000 dollar ceiling I need 135 trucks each doing at least $685,000 each per year To break $1,000,000,0000 “billion” I need 1300 trucks doing each 850,000 per year!    With the math alone “with no other factors” having one food truck and restaurants do in between $325,000 – $1,300,000 a year is overly realistic Although for it to be successful all the other factors are all inclusive! :0) 10 trucks $575,000 each = $5, 750,000 per year  To Dominic Hall thank you I wrote you a message its at the bottom of the page :0) Thanks again

Delectable Crushes

To Break $100,000,000 dollar ceiling need 135 trucks each doing at least $685,000 each Franchises– Goal of 8000 trucks and Stores “Altogether”19,354 cites in the USA and 4,460 Total number of commuters in the U.S. 128.3 Million  “people who eat and travel away from home daily” 1 in 4 people eat some type of fast food every day.

Franchising Starts  after “10 trucks”  (No concrete until After Expert Counsel)
franchising fee in between $80,000 to $150,000 plus 5% percent of total sales
8000 truck franchisees + 5% monthly royalties on all sales + yearly Franchising fee $140,000 = $4.6 billion to $5.8 billion dollars yearly

Delectable Crushes franchisee fee schedule:

Name of Fee Low High
Delectable Crushes Startup Franchise Fee $15,000 $25,000
Branded Truck- 3 month’s rent/Per quarter Base Rent: $0 Percentage Rent: 8.5% Base Rent: $25,000 Percentage Rent: 15.5%
Using Branding, Signs, Equipment, and Trucks $25,000 $25,000
Opening Inventory $10,000 $10,000
Legal Fees/ Contract Opening Expenses $20,000 $40,000
Travel and Living Expenses while Training 3 Weeks $5,000 $15,000
ESTIMATED TOTAL  $75,000  $140,000

Financial Financing: Delectable Crushes will allow franchisee who have operated a business prior with satisfactory credit, with no defaults to get bank financing arrangements to open their franchise they must also have $35,000 in liquid cash assets to properly maintain the system of excellence of operation with Delectable Crushes food trucks. The Operator of Delectable Crushes Franchise must pay truck rental Lease fee’s every month which is  a standard commercial lease under which the franchisee pays rent to Delectable Crushes to use our trucks branding and equipment.

  • Initial franchise fee is $60,000.00 (a start-up Delectable Crushes System training )
  • Total estimated costs (including franchise fee) is $80,000-$140,000
  • Royalties–The monthly royalty is 5% of gross sales from each franchisee
  • Proof of liquid assets will be required
  • Delectable Crushes Fees (No concrete until After Expert Counsel)
  • Obligations and Restrictions: The franchisee is required to have full time on-site supervision of, the day-to-day operations of the food truck and sales. Franchisees may sell only products authorized by Delectable Crushes and use the truck only as a Delectable Crushes truck restaurant.
  • Advertising will cover all franchising we will cover Delectable Crushes franchisees advertising nationally which is included in our fee structure.
 Data and Reporting Systems is required to report everyday sales across all stores and trucks

Type of Fee Amount
Service Fee 5% of Gross Sales. Example Franchisee year gross  500,00 x 2%= 25,000
Truck Rent Varies. on city and location but not higher than $25,000 per quarter
Advertising and Promotion Not less than 4% Gross Sales.
 Data reporting software to track all product sales from every franchisee.  $1,500 per month

 8000 truck franchises + 5% monthly royalties + yearly Franchising fee $4.6 billion to 5.8 billion dollars yearly 

Delectable Crushes

Menu Crushes

Breakfast Crushes 4 oz portion size entire Menu $4 –  $10.98 Breakfast all day I am unsure of after 4 full quarters of business i will be able to make a decision

Lunch Crushes

Menu 3.80 – 12.98 portion size for each is 4 oz sandwiches per serving of Food 

4 oz sandwiches or 4 oz Loaded Fries “Lunch Crushes”  4 oz sandwiches or 4 oz Loaded Fries “Lunch Crushes”  8 oz Portions “Dinner Crushes” Menu $4.00 – $16.98 8 oz Portions “Dinner Crushes” Menu $4.00 – $23.98 Dessert Crushes 4 oz slices and single portions $2.00 – $8.00 “Quick Desserts”