Update Good Day Guys! DELECTABLE FUNDING!!!!!!!!

Hi Guys Vedric Jordan :0) here I love you all mad respect lol you all said don’t forget about my artwork. NEVER!!!!!!!!! LOL NOOOO PLEASE LISTEN AND THANK YOU! :0)

New audio :0)

My key chains were my highest selling art item thanks guys for asking lol! :0) oh good memories

Hi Vedric Jordan here :0) WE ARE FUNDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :0)

how would the burger system “fries includes with all burgers” FOOD MUST BE WEIGHED!

1/4lb burger = 5.00 

on each truck 100 lbs of beef per truck each day if all sold out employees must have $500 in their til of burger receipt sales per truck if a penny is missing i would know! EVERYTHING MUST BE WEIGHED IT WILL KEEP COST IN CHECK!