Dream Colors Pt. 1

Good Morning I’m Vedric :0), I hope you all are still up with me!

It is my privilege to be with all, and I thank you for your time :0) I wanted to be certain this teaching was done so I did the extra work to make sure everything was accurate.We will be discussing color connections to dreams, and their meanings.

I must note it is of the utmost importance that color definition are based on the word of God, because The Lord is the one who gives the gift of dreams

These definition of colors are  based on the bible. :0)

Each color has both a negative and positive meaning attached to it

and one by one we go over them, but for this part  of the teaching

we will layout  individuals color and the meaning attached.

Color Defined and positive & negative

Red – wisdom, anointing, & power           Negative – anger, war

Blue – revelation, communion                   Negative – depression, sorrow, anxiety

Green – growth, prosperity, conscious     Negative – envy, jealousy, pride

Brown – compassion, humility                Negative – compromise, humanism

Gold/amber – purity, glory, holiness         Negative – idolatry, defilement, licentiousness

Purple – authority, royalty                           Negative – false authority

Orange – perseverance                              Negative – stubbornness

Silver – redemption, grace                         Negative – legalism

Yellow – hope, mind                                   Negative – fear, cowards, intellectual pride

Pink – childlike, love of God                      Negative – childishness

Gray – maturity, honor, wisdom                 Negative – weakness

White – righteousness, holiness               Negative – religious spirit

Black – death, mystery                               Negative – sin, darkness

If you are going to travel you need a road map, that’s why we laid out all of the colors so that we understand as we proceed forward and actually discuss some dreams.  You guys are great thank you for your patience and i appreciate your time.

Sweetest Dreams :0)