2/06/2014 Good Afternooneveryone, :0) I got a few emails telling me about my facebook page of all things, and it startled me the interest in this page as honest to God I started because i wanted expose for my business however it has sort of turned into something else. I got some emails here on Lightway talking about my page numbers, but my insights are different from you guys see “i see current stats” , I see this on my side and publicly it shows another things. I have no idea what facebook does with it’s numbers, or why….However  i am not complaining as honest to God i did pay a dime for this page it’s free publicity but i just took this screen shot 2/6/2014 1:12 Pm  and this what i see on my side.


 Click the image to make it bigger

Facebook - Internet Explorer 262014 125834 PM-003



Now I am really flattered people pay attention to my page like this it’s a great feeling and I thank the Lord for the favor and the exposure and “other exposure” honest to God lol.  But please tell all your friends , and everyone you know they can always buy quality for the some of the lowest market prices on Lightway Products.net.  Thanks :0)