Good Afternoon! To My Foodie Penpals and Christopher S. :0)

Good afternoon everyone I’m Vedric :0) I hope you guys are great. We have been talking about restaurants and food trucks there is a court case I saw on tv and I found it on youtube a lady who loves cooking wanted a food truck she was a hair stylist but she was tired of that and wanted to cook and she decided to go through a family friend to get a food truck! You will notice in the videos the man did not really want to sell her the truck he knows the money that comes in but he wanted quick money for a fine for improper storage he got $3500 dollars down payment from this woman and took her through foolishness go through a real company with a contract when you pay down payments not a so called family friend! VIDEOS BELOW

The Last thing anyone wants to do is have your plan of action, your branding your, recipes and your supplies and then lose your money having to go to court to recover it! This took place in ATL


Hi Christopher you wrote me again i got your letter thank you! :0) asked me what are Singapore noodles lol this I DID NOT MAKE THESE but these are Singapore noodles! My favorite food of all time next to pasta Super super, super, super, SUPER SPICY :0) with sauteed veggies shrimp, beef chicken and pork I have not had any in like a year due to the “carbs in the noodles”  but for my goal and birthday I will definitely indulge lol just once! :0) and my favorite color is blue you are so sweet  thank you for asking ! :0) Tell me about you! 




Ok guys this is a court case of a lady that wanted a food truck and she decided to go through a friend and it did not turn out to well she had to take him to court to get her money back! DO NOT DEAL WITH FRIENDS WHEN STARTING YOUR BUSINESS DEAL WITH A REPEATABLE COMPANY OR THE CITY!


This is part two he more than likely kept his truck and took her money


Her so called pal here gave her a fake vend number and title and repossessed the truck after her down payment you start any business there are expenses you have no money to throw away,  yes a food truck in big cities like LA Atl, San Francisco, NYC are cash mines THE NUMBERS BEAR THIS OUT! IF YOUR FOOD IS GOOD :0)  BUT be weary of this do your research, there are real companies that have a lease of $3000 no hoops, no games, no lies! NEVER EVER DEAL WITH SO CALLED FRIENDS OR FAMILY NOT UNLESS YOU ARE SURE WHEN DEALING WITH MONEY! The Lord tells us even in scripture put no trust in man but God I hope this has been eye opening a lady who simply wanted to start a business was taken for a ride! None of us are perfect we can’t judge this guy but this was so sad,  Lets all agree in Jesus name she got a truck another way in Jesus name amen! :0)