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Good morning guys, I am very sorry i did not post what i need to I was talking with Michael and it  went really late into the morning but I need that conversation, as I wanted to hold nothing back I started to say how frustrated i was with how people try to distort things because they are angry, I kept talking about O and i should have buried it here i have not spoken to him other than letter since June, and I have been feeling so good!! I did not want to ever go back to this and you encouraged me once and for all bury it. I looked at this letter and i was fed up in it how people try to make it seem like you are together, and your not for their edification I just got tired so before God i was totally honest in this letter and i am sure he hated me after this I am taking all of this and writing niceee story/book i started in early October i have no idea what i will call it yet but when you have the opportunity to take the headaches in life and make lemonade you should lol YOU REALLY BURST OUT LAUGHING AT THAT LINE. People love to give on side of the story…YOU WOULD POST EVER LETTER I WROTE BECAUSE YOU WANTED TO BE SEEN…I BET YOU DID NOT POST THIS ONE!! 🙂 I will never give distraction this much attention again, focus is worth fighting for anything that cause you to be distracted is NOT sent form the Lord. I did not curse, but i was still a little irritated and was winding down aft

But before God Michael it’s done, i even told him honestly “several times” you hate when you can’s t be friends but unfortunately some people that’s best. 

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