8:36 Pm Hi everyone thank you all you guys are raving oh my God your so beautiful thank you! I noticed a lot of you are asking for another reveal shot sure I will post another on this week! this is why no foolishness let the  jealous study my face and my figure fully clothed until their face falls off! let them, stare and lie, hate and stare until they scream in their lying despair! BAHAHAHAH “THIS WEEK NEW REVEAL SHOT” I appreciate you all again! The acting role was my first offer won’t be my last lol I’m working on me and working for me happy to be in this place by Christ Jesus!

“TRUTH WILL SET THEM FREE” John 8:32 True Progress is golden letting accomplishments do the talking!

This is me! Hi im Vedric 15 Month 78 lb Weight Loss! To Jesus all praise!

God in prayer was telling Me about purple and royalty in 2010 I made purple mountains also taught about that! I have liked purple since  God given swag haha glad you all ≠ it!

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A Great 35th Birthday

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your heart felt birthday wishes!


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