The Follow Up

12//15/2013  3:35 Pm Good Afternoon,  :o), Thank you so much for your love and your support I have been reading messages since i posted the open letter asking for prayer, and a lot of people asked for an update concerning the open letter i think yesterday alone i spent 12 hours reading email message and replying back with thank you letters. In the last 3 days i have read maybe upward of over 870 messages and stories all telling me your stories and encouraging me letting me know you are praying for me. I just refreshed my page I have 1,290 messages to go, but I promise i will read them all and send each of you a thank you note, as Honest God I Really Really appreciate your love and kindness to me.

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I generally do not work on weekends as i learned my lesson from that last year, of being so sleepy after working i would sleep almost 11 hours, when eased and cut  schedule i only need to sleep the normal 8 hours now.

Your Stories

I have read so many accounts of things like this it bothers me…..To be honest most of your stories concerning cattiness, rumors and gossip  are dealing with the workplace and that is really, really  sad honest to God!! I cannot imagine having work with GROWN BEHIND PEOPLE like this, you trying to earn a living and support your family/household and you have to work/deal with people like this .



Ms. Angela

Ms. Angela, Ms. Angela…….Wow!! your story about what you dealt with from a dorm roommate and her friends made me cringe…you shared

“when i was in college  several years ago i unknowing started to date one of my roommate’s  ex-boyfriends. You stated  “things got foolish”, I understand these girls took buckets of black tar and poured them all over my car, and carved words with their car keys into the tar calling me all sort of names, I was devastated to say the least as i came down to drive to class about 10:00 in the morning, I will never forget it. I was humiliated and embarrassed, my car’s front lights no longer worked, my parents had to send money to get my windshield scraped so i could at least make my classes on time. I had to wait  until winter semester to change dorms because they were all filled, I had no money to move.  i had to live with this girl during that time. That was one of the hardest things i ever went through.

I understand the jealously and spiteful actions of ladies as i was the direct target of them. I can only imagine what it must be like to deal with both catty  ladies and a catty man, I hope for your sake you have nothing more to do with him as his character and actions clearly show you exactly what he is.

I will defiantly be in agreement with you that god will lift a standard against all of your enemies and no weapon formed against you shall prosper  just as it says in god’s word.

Honest to God Yes, ma’am my last communication with him was July 6, 2013 and it will forever be July 6, 2013 I want nothing to do with him. How he saw fit to tell such a vile lie  which on HONEST TO GOD ON MY  VERY LIFE AND ALL I POSSESS BEFORE GOD IN HEAVEN IS FALSE because honest to God he was not getting his way that sealed the deal! I cannot understand in his mind or in heart how he could think someone would want him after such evil, malicious lies and gossip he stirred. the girls that carryout the cattiness with him would be more suitable for him. Nothing he could ever do or say can fix this…NOTHING

I  wish I could have prayed for you concerning this. THAT WAS EVIL AND WAY OVER THE TOP! I am so sorry you went through that!


To Ms. Ruse

…. Honest To God I am so sorry your boyfriend also behaved like this and once you said he tried to kill you when you said you wanted to break up,  i am sorry you experienced that you shared……

Have nothing else to do with him, my old boyfriend use to threaten to kill me.  One day while he was at work i got the nerve and moved back home.

I am surprised based on this letter he has not threatened you with physical harm, as someone who is older than you “38 yrs old” look at your  letter again  when you said you want to break ties with him, he tried to gain control over you by being aggressive and cursing at you to intimidate you….did you notice that??

I swear he sound just like one of my old boyfriends in my early 20’s. I love your site, keep doing what you are doing and I will keep you in my prayers.

Be Safe

Honest To God before God in heaven no ma’am i did not notice that i just thought he was being his regular self. Yes Honest to God you are right on the money, there was an indirect threat of violence in that letter that i did not post. HOW ON EARTH DID YOU KNOW THAT????


Mr. Harwell

Thank you so much for you kind words sir, you said….”

“you and I are the same age I’m 31 too. I believe the reason he has been slinging mud he does not want another man to want you, because he want’s you himself that’s apparent, 5  whole months and he will not stop slinging mud he is fearful of not having you “hints the constant slander”.  This guy will say whatever it takes, its disrespectful and childish. I have been praying for you and will continue to, you deserve so much better than him, I think you are a incredibly beautiful woman with a beautiful heart.

Your site is great, i always learn something

Honest to God that is so sweet and thank you for your prayers. I honest to God never looked at it from that perspective but that in no way excuses his actions!



I must say I got a lot of Southern jokes, concerning slow mindsets   “ONE TO MANY HONESTLY”, I am southern too this has nothing to do with being southern but the mentality of people who engage in these acts themselves and want to equate that foolishness to you. Although I understood what you guys are trying to say.

Honest to God on my own life and all I possess his statements are false, I have never said that before about anything,THIS IS HOW YOU CAN TELL IF PEOPLE HATE YOU, THEY TOOK EVERYTHING HE SAID AT FACE VALUE DID NOT BOTHER TO ASK ME A THING. LIKE HUH??? THE LOGICAL SENSE OF MIND AND RATIONALITY IS OBVIOUSLY MISSING!!

These people have know me since i was a small child and i never carried myself like that, !! THEY EVEN HAVE TO ADMIT THAT!

it’s like they could not wait to hear garbage about me as The Lord said he is NOT mocked, what they sew THEY WILL IN FACT REAP IT, ALL OF THEM! JUST AS SURE AS THE LORD LIVES!

but i will this you figure people be able to see it for what it was I honestly think they do, in my heart of hearts i think they do!!! but they dislike me so much they would rather  keep trash going.  It’s sick But God is not mocked “what they sew they will reap along with him” BEFORE GOD IN HEAVEN THEY HATE THE DAY THE EVER CAME INTO CONTACT WITH HIM!!

To Mr. Bergman

Loved your letter was very thoughtful, and sweet, Thank you for kind words!! Even when you scolded me a little at the end and quote “why did you even care what they thought, its  clear you can’t fix their stupidy” I am defiantly praying for you, as it seems extremely unfair.


Honest to God I love you all so, so much and thank God for all of your beautiful word and message you have no idea how you make me feel, please join me later on this week for a new teaching I must post!! Thank you Again! :o)


Ps. If any of you every need prayer do not hesitate to write me I  would be honored to stand with you in agreement!