The significance of Animals?

Good morning everyone I’m Vedric, I hope you all are good :0)

Its Feb 9 2015 my youngest brother is 23 today, happy birthday to him he’s a big part of my heart!!! :0) Before The Lord no matter how high God takes me in life by “HIS” goodness, my love for you will always be present and unconditional, I know you know I mean that with all of my heart!!!! :0)

All animals are not the same there is a great disparity in some meanings so we are going to look at a quarter of the animals and their meanings. And cover the rest later. :0)

We will keep all things very simple so we can lay a proper foundation as we move next into interpretation

Alligator – ancient; evil out of the past; danger, destruction; evil spirit; or slander & gossip (big mouth); aggression

Bat – witchcraft; unstable; flighty; fear

Bear – judgment; strength; opposition; an evil spirit that wants something you have; economic loss (as in “a bear market”);

Russia Polar Bear – religious spirit

Beaver – industrious; busy; diligent; clever, ingenious

Bird – symbol of spirits, good or evil

Bull – persecution; spiritual warfare; opposition, accusation; slander, threat; economic increase (as in a “bull market”)

Camel – endurance; long journey; ungainly (not graceful)

Cat – self-willed; untrainable; predator; unclean spirit; bewitching charm; stealthy, sneaky, or deceptive; something precious in the context of a personal pet

Black Cat – witchcraft

Cheetah – swift or fast; predator, danger; play on word for “Cheater”

Chicken – fear, cowardliness; hen can be protection, gossip, motherhood; rooster can be boasting, bragging, proud; chick can be defenseless, innocent

Colt – bearing the burden of others; or stubbornness

Crab – not easy to approach

Crow (raven) – confusion; outspoken; operating in envy or strife; hateful; unclean; God’s minister of justice or provision

Cow – subsistence; prosperity

Deer – graceful, swift; sure-footed, agile; timid

Dog – unbelievers; religious hypocrites; loyalty, friendship, or faithfulness Pit bull Dog – ferocious demonic spirit

Donkey – gentle strength, burden bearer; negative – stubborn

Dove – Holy Spirit

Dragon – Satan

Dinosaur – old stronghold, demonic, danger from the past (generational stronghold)

Eagle – prophetic; prophetic calling

Elephant – invincible or thick skinned; not easily offended; powerful; large; having great impact; storing memory; old memory; long pregnancy

Fish – souls of men

You all ever hear when someone is having a baby or even before the older folks would say “they dreamed of fishes” that is actually accurate, an unborn child ‘soul of a man” so sometimes the old folks know what they are talking about

Fox – cunning, evil men; sly, sneaky; something that steals from you

Frog – spirit of lust; demon; curse; witchcraft

Goat – sinner; unbelief; stubborn; argumentative; no discernment; negative person; being blamed for something (as in “scapegoat”); positive – prosperity in some cultures

Hawk – predator; sorcerer; evil spirit; a person who is for war

Hare – fast, hasty, quick Hen – one who gathers, protects

Horse – power, strength, conquest; spiritual warfare White Horse – salvation; rescue; redeem; royalty Black Horse – feminine; bad times; evil (Rev 6:5) Red Horse – persecution; anger; danger; opposition (Rev 6:4)

Leopard – swiftness, sometimes associated with vengeance, predator, danger

Lion – Jesus “Lion of the tribe of Judah”; royalty, kingship, bravery; confidence; Satan seeking to destroy

We have to look a little this this one, notice the devil “IS LIKE” a roaring lion “HE’S NO LION BUT HE TRIES TO COPY THE LORD AND IMITATE ONE. “BUT” we need the Holy Spirit to overcome the devil, that’s being real, I know I need the Holy spirit I’m human that’s why I publicly invite the Holy Spirit into my life so I can and will live righteous.

Before God i am honored for your love and kind words, in my heart I appreciate you and am honored we can pour love and kindness into each others’ lives.

Sweetest dreams everyone! :0)