Uncovering The Mark In Brands 1

12/31/2013  4:53 am Good Morning Everyone, I hope you all are doing Well. I would like to from the bottom of my heart wish everyone an excellent new year. :0) in 2014 What a blessing it is to be alive and well, and wanting for nothing, in spite of the wishes of evil people!

I learned a lot this year in 2013 there is no real friend that one has other the Holy Spirit, I truly believe that with all my heart!


That some people say Jesus and know nothing about him…..

their actions do not reflect Jesus,

their character does not reflect Jesus,

their gossip and one-sided lies do not reflect Jesus,

their evil ways and hearts which they try to foolishly justify in no way reflect Jesus

The jealousy, hatred, and malice they have in the hearts FOR NO REASON does not reflect Jesus yet they cry Jesus, Jesus and know nothing about him!!


To them Jesus is just a hallow, empty word they evoke for show……. they obviously have no relationship with him!! If they truly had the Holy Spirit who is one in the same with Jesus there is no way he would allow them to act with such evil, hatred, and bitterness , as his conviction and his character would totally wash out theirs…..obviously they do not know Jesus!!

And if they say they do….. what Jesus do they know??     Romans 12:2 and  1 John 4:6-7


Let’s go From Here

It is very important that we discuss a topic that is rather underrated but very important part of our cultures and that is the satanism in brands, logos and the financial system :the creators form satanic pacts with the devil for a successful brand name” attached to certain name brands. This is a 15 hour Class please take a look at everything even if it’s over days!! part 2 will be posted in a few weeks as the teaching ran  longer than expected.

How it looks innocent as one thing but it’s actually something totally different i have 2 references at the bottom for this one, be sure to check them out!!

Q: what do entertainers know that the general masses do not??

This is a real branded hoodie ,not a fan made item but a licensed item!!!




Let’s Start Here

These are national and internationally used logos that have ties to the secret organization know as the bilderberg group who control the tv news stations, like fox, CNN and so forth that puT forth the nonsense that is not actually news and sweep world events that mater to civilization under the carpet, to keep America’s and national allies and interest brainwashes…. Don’t believe that? research this group for yourselves and you will be stunned of the ties to the “bohemian grove”, all national American political parties……some people still believe there is a such thing as a democratic election in the united states……..PLEASE!!! These people they pic the candidates they want to win don’t be foolish enough to laugh but do yourselves a favor and LOOK INTO THIS FACT!!

Please Stop Take a long look at this photo and  THINK!!! Do you see any emblem or logo that stands out to you? I will explain in an up incoming teaching that i am simultaneously working on.



THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!!! PLEASE WATCH THIS ONE!! it’s set’s the foundation for the next teaching.

MUST SEE!! Please watch all or at least from 1.00 to 8:25 minutes


The next teaching is very complex it deals with the banking system and the national and international and the occultism and satanism that drapes this entire world IT’S REALLY SOMETHING!!

Tom Horn’s lectures are some favorite honest to God while i paint i list to his 1- 4 hour lectures the wisdom in this guy WHICH YOU CAN VERIFY IS MIND-BLOWING BY GOD’S GRACE

 Bank Of America

The 33rd degree of freemasonry is where all the occultism and mysteries take place the guys at the bottom of the pyramid think they are in a fraternity but when they get to the 33rd degree the veil is ripped off!! They learn who the true god of the free masons is and they refer to him as lucifer /osiris” Do Those Names Ring a bell




We talked a lot about how Disney tries to portray their brand as innocent, family oriented, and wholesome in the last teaching and the

visible “BUT” underlying satanism in this brand.

Disney 6 6 6 (666) logo - Walt Disney logos - Illuminati symbolism & sign - Mozilla Firefox 12292013 42511 PM


Secret Combination in Logos

Have you all guys every wondered why the pyramid and the all seeing eye issued over and over again even in logo’s and brand that seem to have nothing to do with mystical occultism or ancient Egypt. Is it at all possible people seeking world wide recognition form actual pacts with satan if he will just take their brand forward. There are tens thousands of major brands why do the majority of the “covertly” embed the pyramid, all-seeing eye, and 666 into their brands? why do they go out of their way to flaunt this hidden esoteric symbolism hidden but in plain sight because the masses have no idea what these things stand for……..But thank God for The Lord Jesus as he is surely doing a work in these last days!


Apple Computers

  1. The original Apple 1 computer sold for $666.66. this is true fact and in the authorized biography of Steve Jobs who is pictured below in his mid 20’s


Aig a financial institution with it’s covert hidden esoteric meaning


CIA which is a government institution ‘Not too surprising”



Nazism in hidden in corporate logo’s Nazism ties in because hitler and he nazis tried to take over the world just as the anti-Christ will actually do unfortunately he will make hitler look like an alter boy he will be pure evil and perfectly possess by satan himself.

These brand s are paying allegiance to that idea.

General electric which is an energy company.


Nato which is North Atlantic Treaty Organization, an international organization composed of the US, Canada, Britain and 28 countries toatl are included. Like if one goes to war these allies they help fight. …so obviously nato is very important.


Sun we have seen this logo on both computers and software how fitting computers already run the world so of course the will be used in this satanic 3 1/2 year ring out of a total of 7 years.









Nickelodeon Cartoons & shows

Hey Arnold 

I use to like this cartoon back in 04-06 but when you look closely you have one of the character with a pyramid hat on with an all-seeing eye in the center why is this in cartoon that is geared mainly toward kids?





Hello Kitty

If you think about it though it’s amazing that something can be so universally popular yet the average buyer of Hello Kitty merchandise doesn’t have a clue as to what it’s about or what the story behind it is.

have you guys notice the character hello kitty has no mouth, why do you think that is? there is a rather sinister true story behind this mystery


The creator of Hello Kitty makes a pact with satan/the devil

Hello kitty is from the devil. don’t think that’s true??……. Well the urban legend starts off that there was a mother that had a daughter dying of cancer. The mother didn’t know what to do, so she created a pact with the devil. The devil said he would save her daughter’s life if the mom created a toy company that would pay homage to him.

Hello kitty does not have a mouth because the creators child has mouth cancer and she began to get into satanic worship after she went to churches for prayer but she saw no results or she thought! that’s when she got into witchcraft and pagan worship and she started to seek the devil to heal her daughter she formed a pact with him, to make a character that would steal the hearts of children the cat has no mouth because it commemorates the child having mouth cancer. The pointed ears represent satanic horns.

People will read this and probably instantly be in denial but i implore you as rational adults before you shake your thoughts and say no, invest in some research and you will see that this is a fact.


I must say I do not buy satan healing her daughter as he has no virtue to o such a wonder I believe The Lord had mercy and did the healing and the devil deceived and took credit for it.

In Japan hello kitty is refereed to a “the daughter of the devil”

hello kitty 2

True story Hello Kitty Murder in Japan

On 1999, a 23 year old female who was a Japanese night club hostess named Fan Man-yee was kidnapped by three men. She was imprisoned in their apartment and she was tortured. She was tortured for about a month. The men had cut her body apart and stuffed her head in a hello kitty doll. Fan Man-yee was a victim of the sinister and depraved Japanese men who were satanist.

Creator of Hello Kitty Made in 1974





On a personal Note

I just took this picture of my three watches up against a blank piece of white canvas 12/31/2013 12:32 am  that i paint on, I got these watches all three in 2009,  I honest to God cannot keep them because now i know better and what they are  and i am trying to figure out what to do with them. I may burn them, i am not sure yet but before God i have to get rid of them!

when i look at the eye is a 6 that is posing as a 9 there is another six and to top that all off the meaning of hello kitty as a whole creeps me out!!



 Monster Energy Drinks

Hebrew Alphabet is what is on the front cover of monster energy drinks the letter Vav which stand for 6 therefore on the monster energy drink it says inconspicuously 666.

Recently Updated

Heineken Beer

has covertly concealed 666 “the mark of the beast in the spelling of it’s logo with a 5 point star right beneath the logo representing a pentagram. Many brands form pacts with the devil in exchange for worldly success,many do not want to wait and believe God they take what they assume is a shor-cut  WHICH IS NOT!! So in some way the dedicate SOMETHING IN THEIR BRAND OR LOGO TO THE DEVIL. HEINEKEN BEER DECEPTIVELY HIDES 2 SET’S OF 3 6’S IN IT’S LETTERS TO SPEAK THE MARK OF THE BEAST 666. As mentioned in revelation







Vodka 666 This one again goes back to the mark of the beat mentioned in revelation, these companies form pacts with the devil to gain notoriety, or they think.


Recently Updated1


Proctor & Gamble

Old Man in the Moon we have previous teachings talked about crescent moon and stars being tied into witch craft, why on earth does proctor and gable have it on their logo.



 Pagan  Sun Worship In Brands and The Popes

 The Popes “yes he is a brand and the recognition is name carries his influence on 2 billion Catholics worldwide”

This is a picture of former pope Benedict XVI look closely at the figure on his “priestly garb” with the two horns obviously that’s not Jesus!!

08-Signs- Illuminati-Real

There are statically based on facts  2.4 billion Catholics in the world, and they all refer to this “man” this human as the holy father, obviously he is not that, nor are his predecessors!

Another Former Pope John Paul II with a sun cross which they falsely/covertly say represents the “son on the cross” but it does not.


This represents “pictured below”. is a pagan sun wheel in the temple at Kararak India, which is associated with occultism and astrology. it is clear this is pagan worship that is no based on the word of God. “The Holy Bible”

This stands for worshiping the sun as a god hence it’s pagan worship.


Bracken House  Bank of London makes use of the pagan zodiac and sun solstice used in occultism ad some masonry


A Short Compilation logos with “666” hidden in plain sight


Google Chrome covertly makes 3 6’s in it’s browser emblem


Here we have Disney of course along with Coke , Pepsi and 4th brad i am not sure of but see they inconspicuously hid six’s as alphabetical characters to make sure they honor their allegiance to satan, for fame and notoriety, they do not wait on GOD BUT take hat they perceive to be a shot-cut that’s why they honor these pacts.


Vodo phone an international brand and openly traded on the stock exchange can you spot the three 6’s?


References 1-5

It’s always a good idea to have a couple of references to go with material as people sometimes wonder about things which they, should if you are alive and you thinking that is a great thing,no offense but you are ahead of 95% of the population that completely brainwashed by pop culture and mindless tv shows. Too much of our society these days are complete zombies.

Singer Chris Brown in the Unmasked Mickey T-shirt what does Chris know that other Disney fans and consumers do not?


Ref #2 Over 20 different animated shows that make sneaky use of the all seeing eye


Reference #4 Major brand that put paganism into work to highlight there allegiance with satan COVERTLY!!


It’s everywhere we have to cover our mind s and hearts with blood of Jesus and wisdom of the most high God so that we do not buy into this mess.

If the Lord came right now let’s ask ourselves would we be ready?


Romans 10:13

For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.



Lets Pray together from our hearts with all our heart!!…..

Let’s all Pray this according to Romans 10:9

Lord Jesus I believe you are the son God I confess you with my mouth verbally and I believe in my heart you were raised from the dead, and I asked you to come into my life and save me! Amen

If you prayed that prayer you are now a redeemed blood washed child of God. Thank you for your mercy and unconditional Love Jesus I will see you and Father God in heaven!

This is the single smartest decision we will ever make. Jesus also told me to tell you, he has a mansion in heaven waiting for you!!! John 14:2