We Are In Sears!!!

Hi Guy i have some new earlier this year in about may I inquired about sears selling my products and I was told while they loved my work I had no universal barcode numbers and i have to abide by the federal trade commission standard to be sold in a major retail or online, so I by God’s grace got the ball rolling and I got word earlier in the week sears would sell my products.

So I am thanking Jesus forĀ  thisĀ  opportunity, not many are approved for and they look at your history of sales and all and they have criteria and a review it’s been a crazy 6 months but THANK YOU JESUS, ONLY BY HIS HAND NOT MINE!! NO WAY!! We are not fully setup there yet but before God in heaven we are there I know it’s a small to some people but for me it’s a great step I just had to sj=hare that with you guys and publicly give Jesus my Lord the glory, as this is moving forward as we seek to get into more stores nationwide like Sears.


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Prices are not manufacturer suggested retail greeting cards are $1.75 each

That is our barcode for every product you have you must be approved for and issued a separate UPC Code, but as we go into more retailers by Gods power I am gaining quite an education about working with major retail and am finding I have a lot to learn..I’M AM SO EXCITED TO LEARN IT!! :0)


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